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Press Release


Nenix SentryAccess for Sarbanes-Oxley Regulatory Compliance

Santa Clara, CA (Nov. 23, 2004) – Nenix Corporation, the Smart and Secureä Web access management software provider, today released version 3.6 of its SentryAccess Identity and Access Management software solution.

SentryAccess 3.6 is a flexible, extensible software application that efficiently manages user access to protected system resources. It achieves this through three lightweight components that reside on Web and application servers, which sit behind corporate firewalls. User requests for protected resources are intercepted by SentryAccess, and user entitlements are verified. If a user has permissions for the requested resource, access is granted. Otherwise, the user is denied, and a failed access attempt logged to the system.

“Regulatory compliance, particularly from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, is on everybody’s mind,” said CEO Doug Ahn. “Sarbanes-Oxley requires corporations to certify that their internal controls and access management systems are sound. SentryAccess 3.6 includes several new performance and administrative enhancements that allow organizations to monitor, manage, and track such controls.”

Among the new features in SentryAccess 3.6 is enhanced system log handling. SentryAccess 3.6 includes a specialized service that monitors the SentryAccess components and services, and generates logs as needed, which it then stores to a dedicated server. If a system is configured with multiple log servers, one of the servers automatically acts as a backup. In this way, logs are always maintained and saved, and therefore retrievable.

Another feature of SentryAccess 3.6 is an all new Java Monitor for system observation. This new Monitor improves logging performance and is easier to use than previous Monitor versions. Further, it can be used to monitor all facets of SentryAccess, and can handle even the largest of logs, without affecting performance.

SentryAccess 3.6 also includes additional platform support (Agents: Microsoft IIS6.0; Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere, for Linux/Unix; Oracle Apache for Linux; Databases: OpenLDAP). SentryAccess now incorporates support for two-factor authentication, and has streamlined the installation process for SentryAccess Agents into one integrated application.

 For more information about SentryAccess 3.6, please visit www.nenix.com.


  About Nenix SentryAccess


SentryAccess is an advanced suite of solutions that secure e-Businesses against unauthorized access. With SentryAccess, companies are protected, and control is made easy. Through robust identity and access management and Single Sign-On for single- or multiple- domain features, e-Business processes are streamlined, and IT expenditures are minimized. Based on Web services technology, SentryAccess easily integrates with existing systems without requiring additional hardware or capital investments. Because it is based on Web standards, SentryAccess is simple to use, easy to deploy, and scalable to expand with growing businesses. For additional product information, please visit us online at http://www.nenix.com/Product/pro_overview.htm.


  About Nenix Corporation


Nenix Corporation delivers secure SSO and Access Management solutions for today’s e-businesses. We’ve created an affordable, robust solution that enables our customers to control and manage access to protected resources. Nenix merges Web standards technology with exceptional customer support to deliver the industry’s first all-in-one solution of its kind. Our lightweight solution increases security, reduces administrative complexity and costs, and makes it easy for customers to focus on their business.


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